Hannah's House (front exterior)When guests or prospective residents visit our home, they are usually amazed with what they see. Some people remark how clean it is, others are surprised that it is a home rather than an institution and most people sense a feeling of peace and serenity.

Hannah’s House is all of this and more.

For unwed pregnant women who are in need of support and a safe place to live, we are a wonderful option. We care about moms and children; our whole focus centers on their well being. Hannah’s House supports women who choose life for their babies and we stand by them throughout their pregnancies and after.

Each young woman who moves into our home has different life circumstances and different needs. All of our residents are treated with respect and compassion. They enter our home as strangers and within a short time, they become a member of the Hannah’s House family. Our residents discover they are not alone, others truly care about them and there is hope for their future.

With the guidance of caring staff, our residents are encouraged to take charge of their lives and become empowered to make positive choices. In our midst, they begin to blossom, grow, and get ready for the responsibility of being a mother.

Hannah’s House is blessed to have a wonderful Board of Directors, dedicated staff, and caring volunteers who are committed to our mission! We believe that all babies are a precious gift from God and deserve a healthy beginning. Our commitment to life extends beyond the initial stages of pregnancy. We offer an opportunity for women to change their lives and become the best mothers they can be.

Please feel welcome to tour our website, hear their stories and learn more about how we make a difference in the community.

God Bless!

Andrea Popielski
Executive Director