1. Where is Hannah’s House located?
We are located in a safe neighborhood in downtown Mishawaka. We are close to medical facilities and public transportation.

2. What is it like at Hannah’s House?
Hannah’s House is a big, older home with five bedrooms and two bathrooms. When a resident first moves in, she shares a room. When she gets closer to her due date, she can earn a private room.

There is always a House Mom available for 24 hour supervision. Seven women can live in the home with their unborn/newborn babies.

3. How long can a person live there?
A resident can move in at any point during her pregnancy and remain there for up to two months after her baby is born, providing she follows the rules.

4. What is the age limit?
Hannah’s House serves teens and women of all ages. The youngest resident served was 13 years old and the oldest was 43. The average age ranges from 17-23 years old.

5. Do you help with getting doctors? Medicaid?
Residents who have not started prenatal care will be given a list of choices in the area. Sometimes a social worker at the medical clinic will help the resident get started with Medicaid. If not, we will connect the resident with community resources.

6. Do you push adoption?
No. The decision to parent baby or place it for adoption is the woman’s choice. We support whatever decision is made.

7. Can family or friends visit Hannah’s House? Can the resident leave Hannah’s House to visit friends, go to the mall, etc?
Of course! We encourage family and friends to be involved in the life of the resident. They are welcome to visit providing they are positive and respectful. Teens under the age of 18 must have written permission from their parent/legal guardian regarding who can visit.

Residents have freedom to come and go as long as they are working on their goals and are following the rules of the home.

8. Can boyfriends be involved?
Yes, however they must meet with the Director of Programming and be approved. We believe all children deserve both a mom and dad. We welcome men providing they are neither abusive nor involved with addictions. Teens under the age of 18 must have written permission from their parent/legal guardian that visits from boyfriends are approved.

9. What are the expectations of residents living at Hannah’s House?
Residents must agree to follow these guidelines to be approved:

  • Attend regular prenatal, postnatal appointments, be drug free, follow through with all doctors’ orders, and make positive choices regarding nutrition and health.
  • Be enrolled in school or a GED program if they haven’t already graduated.
  • Get a job, work as many hours as possible unless they have a doctor’s note that prohibits this.
  • Participate in weekly individual and group counseling services at the home which are free.
  • Attend a church, synagogue or mosque of their choice on the weekend.
  • Follow other rules of the home, such as curfew, etc.

10. How much does it cost?
Residents who have a job and can pay $5.00 a day are encouraged to help pay rent. However, no one is turned away for not being able to pay. Hannah’s House is not a government agency and does not receive any government funding. Hannah’s House is able to provide this wonderful home, food, and support due to individuals, churches, and groups who care about the moms and their babies.

11. How do residents get to doctor appointments or to work?
Hannah’s House is located near public transportation. Residents learn to ride the bus if they don’t have a car, or family, or friends to take them places. Residents are expected to pay for their own transportation.

12. Can a mom bring other children?
Unfortunately, no. If women can find someone to provide care for their children, the mom can move in. We do allow children to visit.

13. Do you help women get items for their babies?
Yes, Hannah’s House offers an opportunity for residents to earn points each week based on their behaviors and progress on personal goals (getting a job, going to school, going to church, etc) The points can be earned to purchase needed items for the resident and her baby. We have a “store” filled with baby clothes, and items for an apartment.

14. How can someone be accepted into Hannah’s House?
Call (574) 254 – 5309 or email info@hannahshousemichiana.com. The Director of Programming will be glad to answer any questions about Hannah’s House. Women who are pregnant, unwed, and willing to follow the rules are scheduled for a time to tour the home and meet the Director of Programming. After the tour, and providing the woman makes the decision to move in, the approval process will begin. Women over the age of 18 years of age must provide three references to determine if they are appropriate for the program. Minors (under the age of 18) are not required to provide references, however, they need their parent/legal guardian’s permission. Once the woman has been accepted into Hannah’s House, the Director of Programming will contact them to set a date for move in and paper work must be signed.

This is a big decision and we want to make sure that potential residents truly want to be here and believe this is the best decision for themselves and their babies.