Strong Fathers Program

Meet with other men to discuss the challenges of:

  • Being a provider
  • Developing a “success” identity
  • Parenting
  • “Business before pleasure”
  • … and more

Led by fathers like you, these sessions will give you the tools you need to be a strong father and coach you to success.

 Tuesdays at 6:00 pm

Sign up by calling 574-254-7271

Dads are important! You are Dad before the baby arrives. We want to help support you as a family, and have special resources just for you, Dad!

Ways we can help you get involved before and after the baby comes:

  • Sign-up for Strong Fathers: a class just for dads, offered at the Women’s Care Center Notre Dame Avenue office. Call 254-7271 to register.
  • Participate in goals counseling,  learn about your specific role as dad, why it’s so important and different from mom.
  • Attend parenting classes with your partner.
  • Learn about your baby and how to prepare for labor and delivery.
  • Learn about parenting and discipline techniques to ready.
  • Doing these things earns coupons in our store; stock up on essentials before baby arrives!

 “What you are about to enter is the most magical, life-transforming love relationship of our life. I guarantee you that you will not come out of this relationship unscathed, but the privilege to love and to be loved as a father is by far the most glorious gift one can receive from another human being.”

From Becoming a Dad, by Stephen James and David Thomas

 Contact the Women’s Care Center to register and for more information at 574-254-7271.

Strong Fathers Program