January 2013

Hannah’s House Celebrates: 20 Years of Life!

Hannah’s House, the Maternity Home with a Heart, joyfully celebrates 20 years of life in 2013!  Since opening its doors in 1993, Hannah’s House has provided residential care in Michiana for approximately 35 women and 35 babies annually. In the past twenty years many areas of Hannah’s House have grown to support programming for residents, graduates and families, but the mission has stayed the same: care for women who choose life for their baby. And then teach them to parent and work to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

The Board of Directors at Hannah’s House has a major goal for the 20th Anniversary year – to open a second home in Mishawaka. This home has already been donated and will house approximately 20 more women and 20 more babies each year. Additional financial support of $200,000 will be needed on an annual basis to fund this endeavor. “We are at capacity in the original house. Over the past five years, we have seen the number of women we have had to turn away grow too much. We needed to act.” reports Linda Hammond, board president. “Our board is taking action because it’s not acceptable to us to tell a pregnant woman that “there’s no room at the inn”. Each woman and each baby is important. The mission of supporting life in Michiana will be much stronger once we are able to open the second home.”

Hannah’s House provides not only guidance and care but at times “tough love” to assist residents in making positive changes in their lives. The house is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week providing women not only a place to live, but a place to learn. They learn to prepare healthy meals, to care for a baby, to get a job, to earn a GED, and above all to be a good mom. Women are supported and assisted in their decision to parent or place their baby for adoption. At Hannah’s House, we support life and respect it but most of all we celebrate it!


July 2012

Hannah’s House Partners With Bridge of Hope to Offer Extended Care Program to New Mothers

Local Church Communities Step Up As Resource For Women To Leave Poverty And Homelessness Behind

Hannah’s House has partnered with Bridge of Hope St. Joseph County to provide extended care and assistance through a mentorship program staffed by trained volunteers of local church communities.

This alliance between Hannah’s House and Bridge of Hope finds a common ground as both outreaches aim to impact the same population of women and children. The overall goal is to help educate and train these women to get them out of poverty and homelessness for good.

With a joint venture at hand, Hannah’s House will be able to serve more women and for a longer period of time. Hannah’s House residents currently can reside in the home for a two-month stay after having their babies and then are referred to transitional housing or find housing of their own. The Bridge of Hope programming extends the care for these women for an additional 12-24 months with a three-pronged strategy between single mother, professional caseworkers, and the local church mentors. These church mentor groups are comprised of up to 12 trained volunteers who act as a “home base” for the mother and child. A key aspect of the Bridge of Hope programming is helping financially assist the mother, while setting goals for gainful employment so they have a safe place to live. The single mothers grow in the areas of parenting and physical, emotional, social and spiritual health, as well as gain self-esteem. Educating the women to eventually become independent of the assistance is the ultimate goal of ending this cycle of poverty.

Bridge of Hope St. Joseph County is an affiliate of Bridge of Hope national, which has been successfully preventing and ending homelessness for new mothers for over 22 years. A chapter of Bridge of Hope, headed by Mike Druley, was introduced in the South Bend community three years ago and has been doing great work in St. Joseph County.

Read the Press Release (PDF)

Watch the video here – Bridge of Hope Merger Announcement